Music festivals: to be or not to be? 

After getting tickets to a festival this summer, I find myself asking, probably a little too late, but was this a good idea? Anyone that’s anyone is supposed to be there, and I’m not taking about the artists. You see it’s the company you keep, and if you’re going with someone that’s sole interest to get “smashed” in a car park, maybe bring someone a bit more sensible… Here’s some things to consider before you go FESTIVALING YOUR BRAINS OUT!


  • Money: do I even have to say? Everything costs money, especially at a festival! Be really to spend spend spend.
  • Are you up for trying something new? Unless you’ve won an award for top festival goer for the last 10 years, you’re gonna experience new artists, people, situations. An open mind is key.


  • Streetwise, honey. It’s vital from everyting in life. You AND your friends have to know how the deal with emergencies. Make sure your phone always has full charge and you’re in public areas as much as you can. 
  • Can you party? If you’d rather sit in your back garden with a chill playlist instead of moshing with a crowd. Say no and do you own thing! 


  • Are you photogenic? If you’re at a music fest, chances are, a lot of photos and vids are getting taken. You up for it? Or are you Ariana Grande’ing out of it? There’s two sides to your face, accept it gal.

So it’s up to you now- and the festival ticket availability. Whatever you choose, never forget a music fest is always there whether you’re waiting for it or not! 


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