University courses for a music enthusiast

Dear students, applying for uni is one of the hardest decisions a young person has to make, especially if you’re not sure what you want to do. However you may know what inspires you, if it’s music you’re in luck. Thanks to the layout of the @acm_uk prospectus, I’ve put together a few paths you might like the look of.

So let’s start with musicianship: Music (BA). Most people pursuing this path are utterly engrossed in their instruments. You’re going to dedicate your time into performing or teaching or both. Modules included in a degree course are notation, theory, working as an ensemble and improvisation. Unis will want to see specific theory grades and instrument grades, so make sure you’re at least above grade 4.

Let’s get down to business: Music Business to be exact. A path perfect for looking to combine entrepreneurial skills with an accompanying passion for music; someone interested in the business behind the scenes of an artist or record label. Careers involved include artist/event managers, A&R and marketeers. Unis tend to teach relationship between consumer, artist and label, finance, copyright laws, marketing and live event management. Some institutes will want to see proof of your interest, I would look into finding some sort of work experience if you can, but don’t worry this requirement is only relevant to certain places.

Now if you’re thinking ‘No, I want to make music, be in studios working with the hottest artists and groups. Music Technology or Production is for you. Other than becoming a producer you may end up working as a live sound engineer, radio producer or even a DJ. Expect to be discovering about recording practice, acoustics, software modules and mixing. I would advise to use your own initiative and build a portfolio of work you can show these universities.

But wait there’s more! The music industry is a tree, each field being a branch and each leaf is a job that potentially for you. Songwriting, management, sound for film as for many others are also an option. There are many ways to look at different music courses around the UK. Start with:

Some suggestions for unis included are :

  • Leeds
  • Southampton
  • Edge Hill
  • Academy of Contemporary Music
  • Solent university

You can also look at league tables for specific music courses on

Lastly, I just want to say, DO NOT BE SCARED. Pursuing a path that is not necessarily traditional can be frightening, but I firmly believe that doing what makes you happy is the only way to live your life. You will always be able to find a job in the field, and most students only go to uni once, so why not pick a course right up your street? Please research more into courses and unis, if you’re struggling go to your college career office who will be more than willing to help. Now go out there and do it!


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