My top headphone fails

I’ve had my fair share of headphones. In ear, over ear and even “wow those look like a hearing aid” ears. Heck, I’m still searching for that perfect pair or just a pair that won’t get stolen, lost or broken. Here’s a short list of my past headphones and what not to do with them. 

Classic over ear- Bose

Be very wary of the cable of these particularly with the Soundtrue over ears. In regards to sound quality, they were all round good; a good mixture of bass and treble and good comfort, although they weren’t the most secure. The point is, Bose are one of those tactical companies with headphones that require a specific 2.5mm jack lead (they’re slightly thinner than usual) Unfortunately, I was one those people that lost it… Even after being handed another lead by a thoughtful employee, I found out they only worked in one ear! Talk about classic headphone fail.

The wireless techie

So after the whole Bose malarkey, I thought to myself “what I really need are wireless headphones”. So I ordered them with utmost excitement, they came and connected perfectly. I was in love, playing my happiest playlists for days on end. All it took was one sad day. Just one day to leave them in Nandos and have someone steal them. Hopefully one day we’ll be reunited. ‘Till then though I’m stuck with:

The all work and no play: studio headphones 

Now these headphones are recommended for solely music production, so the sound quality is superb, literally so CRISP Doritos would be jealous, BUT-the cord is close to a mile long! Plus, they’re so bulky they suffocate your ears like a  screaming goat compilation. These are actually my latest, since all the others turnt out badly. Great sound but not ideal to drag around town on buses and trains. 

There you have it: my top headphone fails. I wish you luck in your journey into the headphone world. On the other hand you may be very organised so you probably still have your iPhone earphones from 3 years ago. To you I take my hat off, and happy listening! 


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