Artistic integrity: the risk of upcoming soloists

Recently, two former members of worldwide pop groups have released their own music. Harry Styles (One Direction duh) and Camila Cabello (Fifth harmony) are on well on their way to a solo path. Now this is all well and good, but what I want to talk about is the change of genre. “Sign of the times” and “Crying in the club” have launched into a completely different paths and this will for sure be a surprise for the bands’ fans.

Music is art, of course the artist must put their passion behind it. Many singers strive for music that really speaks to them; and this is exactly what these two are doing. This is always risky. In the end your success comes down to the audience that is listening and so it is up to them. Artistic integrity means nothing unless people like it.
Luckily though, this has proved to be effective with a ton of artists throughout the years. Just look at Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Zayn. However, what separates Cabello and Styles from the other ex-members is their bold change in style. Going from upbeat bubblegum production to more mature meaningful ballads. 

Styles’ album is reminiscent of 60s rock and while Cabello’s is definitely a pop song, it is a strong transition from R&B Fifth Harmony hits like “Worth it” and “Work from Home”.

If you wanna hear my opinion, they’re both great singers but the tracks aren’t the most original. In fact the resemblance to other singers Sia and Bowie is almost uncanny. I do however admire the tender lyricism going on, and the deep emotion in their voices. What’s important is that we are a few steps closer to seeing the real person created from these bands.

All in all, it’s definitely promising to be seeing this kind of music emerge from girl groups and boy bands.


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